Mistress of the Temple

Mistress of the Temple

Based on a remarkable true story…

1290 BC in the Egyptian city of Abydos, the young priestess Bentreshy is renowned for her spiritual powers—a medium between Isis and the temple. But when she begins a secret love affair with King Sety I, her spiritual life is thrown into turmoil. By defying temple protocol the pair pit themselves against the omnipotent priesthood…     

3200 thousand years later, Dorothy Eady (aka Omm Sety) begins to remember a past life, when she lived in a beautiful temple as a follower of Isis. Only Dr Budge, a Keeper at the British Museum, believes her story and helps her unravel the past. Dorothy must return to Abydos where the truth lies hidden in the mysterious temple, revealing a past life that mirrors her own, where ancient secrets are about to change her destiny. 

An imaginative fusion of fact and fiction…moving from past to present, the novel is a rumination on memory, desire, faith and the intensity of love.

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Harp of Joy 

Two lives intertwine across the millennia …

Harp of Joy is the captivating sequel to Yvonne Harlech’s first novel, Mistress of the Temple, and follows Dorothy Eady (Omm Sety) as she tries to connect past and present in a moving quest to uncover the truth about King Sety and Bentreshy, a temple priestess. In 1933 Dorothy finally arrives in Egypt. With her yearning for ancient Egypt growing ever stronger, Dorothy embarks on an incredible journey in search of her past life in Abydos.

In Abydos, the locals affectionately call her Omm Sety, “Mother of Sety”, and the legend is born. The novel brings to a striking resolution the heroine’s search for her ancient identity and the man she loved 3200 years ago.

This engaging story is based on the real-life experiences of Egyptologist Dorothy Eady, who dedicated her life to deciphering important temple fragments, piecing together the country’s forgotten history.